Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Schiller Park--Small or Big?

ARGH!  I've been experimenting with larger formats--or I should
say using smaller paintings as studies for bigger paintings.  The challenge,
for me, is learning how to reproduce a work without losing the energy of
the original. This one is the original.  It is 14" by 11".  I will post the
20" by 16" version after I tweak it, and you can help me judge
whether or not I was  successful.

(By the way, for some unknown reason, if you click to see an enlarged
version of this painting, the colors are whacked. Not sure why..???)


  1. You just have such innate talent!!!!

  2. Judie, you are so sweet to comment! Those in my critique on Thursday preferred the larger painting. I will post it soon.