Monday, June 13, 2011

Schiller Park-Large. TAKE TWO

I experimented today with taking photos outside in direct sunlight,
then darkening the pale specimen in Photo Shop.  No manipulation
of hue, saturation or color balance--just darkened it and amped up
the contrast a bit to make it look more like the original.

You can't compare the photo with the painting. But of the two photos
posted (this one and yesterday's), which do you prefer?


  1. I like the second one, the lighter one. I usually take my photos on a overcast day or in the shade on a sunny day on the porch with white walls, also I spray matte retouch varnish on the painting, before the performance.

  2. Thanks, Horst, for taking the time to comment. When you take your photos, do you lean the painting against the wall or lay it down flat and shoot it from above?

  3. I too like the second one. Lovely. In reference to the gentleman's comment regarding overcast days -- flowers, greenery, anything in nature always responds beautifully when it's overcast. I imagine a lush painting would also.

    Yes, it's me --- Patti Anonymous

  4. Thanks, Patti. I will continue to experiment until I get better at it.