Sunday, August 21, 2011

Little Village

After my dad hung the painting I gave him for Father's Day,
he showed me how lonely it looked on the wall all by itself. So
I painted it a companion.  Now "Little Village" rooms with
"Return to Summer" (posted below).  As said by Felicia Bond,
the author  of one of my favorite children's books, "If you give
a mouse a cookie, he is going to ask for a glass of milk."
I already have paint brushes in hand for when this particular
mouse asks for a napkin. But, oh how I love that mouse!


  1. Audrey - just viewed your paintings. You are doing some great work. I will call you soon to say hello and re-connect.


  2. Thanks, MW, for taking the time to look--and comment. Look forward to your call!

  3. Hi. I'm here from Rogue Artist and I LOVE your paintings! What a wonderful gift you have. I'm becoming a follower!

  4. Oh Becky, it is so thrilling to have a new follower! Thanks for your encouraging words. I jumped on your blog, and it looks like you have an interesting story to tell. I'd love to read what you've published. Are there links to the material?