Friday, July 8, 2011

Two Lemons

I painted this a while ago, when my friend Katie and I had one
of our art days. She's a very talented illustrator and hilarious, and
I adore her so much, I consider her another "sister."  Art day
consists of, well, art and lots of pizza and beer and rib-splitting
giggles and guffaws over viritually everything.  On this particular
afternoon, it also consisted of lots of whining, from me, about this
particular painting that, despite great effort, was not turning out. 
I received no sympathy from Katie, none at all.  She just kept telling
me to shut up and put it aside for a few days and then look at it
again with fresh eyes.  It took a month to freshen those eyes, but
I now kind of even, sort of like it.  Just wish the photo were as
crisp as the painting.  By the way, visit Katie's website.  Scroll down
and look at her charming bunny illustration.  And oh, the rest of her
fans know her as Deirdre.  I'm an old enough friend to call her by
her AKA.


  1. Hey! There's that bowl I love so much...and the lemons! You're SO awesome at fruit. Audrey, LOOK at that color combination. You cannot possibly tell me that isn't perfection. Even the shadows! It's a good thing we're having an art day, today. Apparently you need more verbal abuse from moi. Your work is incredible. As always!
    PS: I only WISH I could live up to your praise, silly girl. You're blinded by friendship.
    xoxoxo Deirdre (Katie)

  2. Wish I had a beautiful turquoise bowl. Would rush out and buy some lemons -- my decorating would be complete!!! This may be my favorite painting yet -- love the warm and cool colors.
    (That dkmart girl is right)!


  3. Beautiful painting! So glad you put it aside, it is perfect! Thank you for visiting my blog!!

  4. Karen, coming from you, this is a huge compliment. I LOVE your blog, and look forward to your next entry!

  5. Beautiful light and shadows here, Audrey!!