Tuesday, June 21, 2011

German Village Morning

I painted this scene in my plein air class without the cars, because 
I was too darn chicken to try them.  I've never painted nor drawn cars,
and I'm not the best driver of them either.  The painting was 
COMPLETELY boring without them, so when I returned home,  I
faced my fears and repainted the scene from a photo reference. I am 
so proud of myself--they actually resemble cars.


  1. Hi Audrey,
    Thanks for the wonderful comment for my painting on my blog. Isn't it wonderful we could connect each other like this from LA to Columbus, Ohio?
    I love your paintings and style too.
    By the way, you are very good at working with the photograph.
    I always struggle to paint with a photo. I end up copying the photo and get frustrated.
    Also I am like you to take photo of my paintings. I takes many, many shots and never get good pics. I go to Photoshop and to try to match with original... Takes forever.
    I totally agree with you. Don't know what takes longer. 'To Paint' or 'To Take Shots and enter the blog?
    Keep in touch!! :) :)

  2. The cars look great... just enough to tell they are cars but not so much that they draw your eye to them.
    Thaks for the comment on my blog . For some reason I can't post a thank you on my blog so her it is.

  3. Thank you both for making my day!

  4. It's incredible. I can actually imagine walking through German Village for a cup of coffee. I can also imagine it hanging on my wall! The cars actually add to the painting, but do not detract from the gorgeous homes, at all. Excellent job, Miss Hackman.

  5. Thanks Deirdre! We need to create a wall in your home with some of my paintings--starting with your bedroom interior, if you ever get here to pick it up!